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By Ganesh Ayurvedic Aushdhalaya

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The results obtained from our medicines has encouraged us to increase the range of our products


Surefire medicine for juicy, heat, flu, influenza cold, cold, fever, smallpox, malaria, and viral fever. Beneficial in chronic fever, chicken Gunia, Dengue, obstetric and meningitis.

Feveroliene Syrup

Ganesh Gas Haran Mixture (Liver Tonic) :-- Swelling in the liver, spleen, blemish, constipation, jaundice, loss of appetite, gas, etc. gives new life by removing liver disorders, especially beneficial in liver and liver dysfunction caused by alcohol and drugs.

Ganesh Gas Haran Mixture (Liver Tonic)

Ganesh Churan:-- Effective medicine for gas, constipation, acidity, sour belching, throat irritation, indigestion, piles and all types of bile disorders

Ganesh Churan
ganesh joshada

Surefire medicine for bloody or chronic hemorrhoids, increased inflammation in the burning rectum, etc.

Piles Cure Capsule

Its use on arthritis, all types of Vata Arthritis Sciatica etc. has amazing benefits. Rich in calcium, it increases blood circulation and removes weakness.

Joints Cure Capsule

Gives new life by removing blood or leukorrhea.

Likorine Capsule

This drug is very effective in sugar control.

Ganesh Diabetes Cure Capsule

Beneficial in cold, cold, cough, fever, and nausea.

Ganesh Special Joshanda

Beneficial in cold, cold, cough, fever, and nausea.

Ganesh Joshanda

Dry, wet, blistery, rotten pus of all kinds of itchiness

Khujli Nash Powder

Every type of dysentery, bloody diarrhea is beneficial in the intestinal coloration and cures mucus. Constipation caused by the use of the intestine is cured.

It Gives Immediatly Relief in all types of Mouth & Throttle Infection.